About Us


St Joseph’s employs 18 teaching staff and 12 support staff.

This includes a principal, full-time and part-time teachers, a learning support teacher, six part-time learning support assistants, a teacher-librarian, library assistant and two clerical assistants. There is also a cleaner and grounds person.

A special education adviser and a registered psychologist are available to assist the school in assessing and addressing individual student learning needs.

Our staff of dedicated and highly experienced teachers provide our students with stimulating teaching and learning programs. We aim to cater to the needs of each child, to equip them to face the challenges of tomorrow.

A list of staff can be found below:

School Executive

Principal — Kate Drake
Assistant Principal — Nikki Norley
Religious Education Coordinator — Clare Paff
Primary Coordinator — Karen Nolan

2020 Classroom Teachers

Kinder Blue — Karen Nolan and Catherine Schumacher (executive release teacher)

Kinder Red — Angela Foxon

Year 1 Red — Sue Woodward and Angela Shaw

Year 1 Blue — Brydie Houlahan

Year 2 Red — Heather Wozniak

Year 3 Red — Nikki Norley and Michelle Turner (executive release teacher)

Year 3/4 Blue — Mark Faith

Year 4 Red — Clare Paff and Emma McGlynn (executive release teacher)

Year 5/6 Blue — Kathryn Hill and Kate Linklater (executive release teacher)

Year 5/6 Red — Issac Fox

Year 5/6 White — Natalie Davis and Emma McGlynn

Support Staff

Pastoral Care Worker — Maree Holmgreen

Learning Support Teacher — Ellie Ryan and Amber Christie

Learning Support Assistants — Cheree Chapman, Teresa Hanrahan, Lynne Dawson, Patricia Hines, Kim McAlister

Teacher Librarian — Stephanie Tranter

Library Assistant —Donna Hoffman

Administration Officer — Carolyn Trimble

Clerical Support — Amale Yi

Psychologist — Gayna Turner

Maintenance and Grounds person — Craig Davies

Cleaner — Cleansurance Pty Ltd

Specialist Band Teacher – Bryn Wilson – Kellaway