PBL – Positive Behaviour for Learning

Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL) is a framework for behaviour management in schools that explicitly models, promotes and rewards positive behaviours while providing consistent structures in responding to negative behaviours.

In doing so, PBL is intended to devote teacher behaviour management more proportionately to behaviours that should occur and not disproportionately to behaviours that should not.

Values underpin the framework at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. Additional focuses of PBL include ongoing student wellbeing as well as building whole-school identity and morale.  It is hoped that in providing this framework to parents, they can familiarise themselves with the philosophy, procedures and actions to be undertaken at our school.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Values

The behaviours promoted within PBL are explicitly taught and rewarded within the school. Each week a different focus is considered in the classroom and wider school. Within the classroom resources from Bounce Back — a program that promotes social and emotional learning — as well as Zones of Regulation are also used to assist in teaching these positive expectations. To reinforce this, a student from each class is awarded at the school assembly each week for demonstrating this specific focus.

Do your best Be honest Care for all belongings
Learn and let others learn Include others Keep our school clean
Make good choices Play fairly Care for our surroundings
Care for your appearance Use kind words and actions (hands off) SJC is the way to be!

Responding to inappropriate behaviours

Any breach of school rules carries with it sanctions appropriate to the age of the child and the breach.  Parents are notified if a serious offence occurs and may be called to the school to discuss the matter. The principal has the right to suspend and/or expel a student if the matter is very serious. Procedural fairness principles apply. There is absolutely no form of corporal punishment. The school has a Student Welfare Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy that can be made available upon request.

The following flowchart outlines the decisions and pathways in relation to managing inappropriate student behaviour.