Student Leadership

All Year 6 students are regarded as leaders within the student community.

The buddy system provides all Year 6 students with the opportunity to nurture their skills in serving others, and it provides valuable support for the transition of Kindergarten students to school. All students develop an awareness and experience in the notion of leadership in a Catholic school, which incorporates the values of humility, service, duty, truth and fairness.

School Leaders

Students from Year 6 are all eligible to receive a badged position and become elected leaders. Through the process of leadership speeches and student voting, two male and two female school councillors are selected as well as a male and female sports captain for each of the four sporting teams. After approval from the principal in consultation with the school staff, the successful students are presented with their leader badges at the Beginning of the Year Mass.

The leaders must always uphold an exemplary code of behaviour. Leaders perform several ceremonial roles on special occasions.  They have responsibility for the care of sports equipment, maintaining house enthusiasm in sporting activities, representing the school at community functions such as Anzac Day march, Catholic Schools Week Mass as well as school-based assemblies.